Special Pieces



Million Dollar Painting

by Simon Y.S. Wong
Chinese ink and colour on rice paper

15" (h) x 300" (w)
18" (h) x 388" (w) on silk scroll


This painting was created by well known Calgary artist, Simon Y.S. Wong. He incorporates Oriental and Western techniques, styles and philosophies in his artwork.

The painting begins at the Pacific Ocean. It then travels over the totem poles and Rocky Mountains. It encounters Canada's First Prime Minister and the Inuktitut language stating, "Our Land of Few Footprints." It finishes in the Atlantic with a fortune cookie.

The work demonstrates the ancient, traditional and various cultural influences that make a unique aesthetic that is modern Chinese and Canadian art. The work is a portrait of Canada's multiculturalism expressed in visual art.


Lunar New Year Series

Year of the Tiger: You are number one / 虎年 您第一
by Simon Y.S. Wong
Chinese ink and colour on rice paper

26" (h) x 13" (w)


"I started in March and completed in October 2009. While working on “The Year of the Tiger”, I was listening to the radio which was playing “Tide is High” by Blondie. I liked how the song repeated the phrase “You are number one” several times so I added it to the title."

This piece is one in a series of works for the Lunar New Year. While working on “The Year of the Tiger”, I focussed on the eyes which have evolved several times throughout the creation process.

This work incorporates both Oriental and Western techniques, both old and new, to harmonize the Eastern and Western arts to define a genre that expresses one’s identity.

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