"Canada is the result of influence old and new, from the cultures of Aboriginal peoples to those of recent immigrants. Our country has been built and enriched culturally, economically, socially and politically by citizens of diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

Like Canadian society, Simon Wong's art blends ancient traditions and various cultural influences in a unique, modern way. The result is harmony and beauty."

Former Minister of Canadian Heritage, Sheila Copps



“The East meets – West symbolism and technique of painter and Chinese brush master, Simon Y.S. Wong”

Mary-Beth Laviolette, Calgary Herald.

“No boundaries, Calgary artist Simon Wong…”

Louis B Hobson, Calgary Sun

“Simon Wong is a calligrapher first and foremost; a master of the ancient Chinese art of brush, line and space. From this rich reservoir, flows the discipline and art of all of his paintings.”

Jacek Malec, Director/Curator, Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts

Wishes for Year of Rat
Art Show Celebrates Chinese New Year

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Bonnie Elgie
31 January, 2008

-Bonnie Elgie For Neighbours, Calgary Herald, Jan. 31, 2008

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